Genesis- Part 4

This exercise was inspired by an assignment from a class I took at Webster the Spring of 2008.  The class was titled “Point of View.”  The assignment was to rewrite Genesis from the point of view of Adam, Eve, God or Satan/the serpent, and to experiment with how the story changed based on who was telling it.

With this post I’ve taken the exercise a little farther.  As well as experimenting with changes in the story of Genesis, I also wanted to experiment with voice, tone, and character expression.  In addition to this, I’ve also re-written the story using the points of view from the four characters mentioned earlier.  Each character will have his or her own separate post.

On a side note, I’m aware that Genesis is a religious story, and I don’t mean for these exercises to express any viewpoints on God, religion, etc.  This is just an experiment with point of view, character, and voice; and should only be viewed as such.

I’ve lost myself.  Something cannot come from nothing, even for God.  Thousands of years in the future, or now, or centuries in the past, physics will be written and discovered and will prove that.

Eve screams as she gives birth for the first time.  She’s afraid she’ll die.  She has no regrets, save for the time she hurt Adam in the Garden.  She wants to bring life into the world.  I envy her.

Adam has died, and I accept him into heaven.  Then he is lonely, in the Garden of Eden, and I split him in two, like before.

Something cannot come from nothing.  Males do not shuttle life into the world.  Females do that.

Lucifer is jealous of the humans, before he was protective of them.  I mean to say he was jealous before he was protective.  While that happens, a quirky German scientist who’s immigrated to the United States writes a letter.  A small child in South Africa draws a picture.

Eve has been struck by Adam, and she knows not what to do.  She used to be a part of Adam—she was the other half.  The half that gives life.  I should never have been left in charge.  We shouldn’t have been lonely.

I decide that Lucifer, of all angles, should have free will.  He should oppose Me, question Me, undermine My authority.  Without Her, how shall I know what to do, otherwise?

In Europe, a doctor realizes that washing his hands and equipment causes fewer deaths among his patients.  Japan invades China, and then is struck by an earthquake.  Chile is also hit with an earthquake, and then a dictator.  In America, someone plays with mold.  Now people are too reliant on antibiotics.  People everywhere slaughter each other in My name, and I weep.  I send them a messenger of hope, and they nail him to a cross.  At least She is not here to witness this.

Eve hits Adam, and he eats a piece of fruit.  Cain commits murder to get My attention.  Cain receives it.  The German scientist suggests that the United States should look into making an atomic weapon, as the Nazis may have already begun research on the same thing.  Then a woman steps foot on Mars, the first human on an alien planet.  She worships Me as a Hindu.  In India, Muslims and Hindus slaughter each other, then make peace.  A fasting man walks to the ocean to make salt.

Adam would not have hit Eve had they still been one, and Eve would not have hit Adam had they been one.  Had they been one, the apple still would have been eaten.

Knowledge is useless to zealots who expect Me to stop the black plague.  They flog themselves; and torture, maim, and kill innocent people.  I have no patience for useless people.  I send them no answers, and let them then out.

In Mexico, far away from the inquisition, a nun makes feats in literature and music.  She is devoted to Me, until the hypocrites convince her she’s not.  That’s when I lose her.  She dies soon after.

Lucifer says I should give humans knowledge.  Eve bites an apple, and Lucifer feels as if he’s given birth.  Adam thinks of what it is to be a man, and what it is to be a woman.  Eve questions authority, even her own right to it.

I’ve lost myself.  I know not what side is superior.  I’m still here, conscious, but She isn’t—by survival standards, masculinity is superior.  By success, femininity.

Some teenagers pour a bit of alcohol onto the fires of their souls, and together think aloud.  New thoughts, everyone seeks new thoughts.

I’m alone, and I’ve lost myself.  When we split, She and I, that was supposed to make Us less lonely.  But then She sighed, and changed, and was the Universe.  I miss Her.

Destruction and Creation.  Humans revel in me through their intelligence.  The feats of mortals prove greater than that of Gods, their mere imaginations mightier than Myself.  Yet I cannot watch in awe, nor delight, nor horror.  I just watch over it, and see that it continues.  I just watch, and that’s all I can muster.  I miss when we were One, Me and Her.  Oh, Gaia, oh Aditi, Erda, Nut, Astarte, Nügue, Shakti . . . all Your beautiful names.  Why did You leave Me to hold the mantel of Creator, when it is You who is the Universe?


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