Old Animal Exercise

This is an old exercise I found on my computer.  This was another product of Cousin Hugo’s, where we were to describe an animal.  I thought it would be appropriate for my upcoming exercises in description, which will be posted tomorrow and on Wednesday, May 25.  Enjoy!

Its noise doesn’t come from the padded feet—no, its noise resonates deep within the chamber of its body, a low rumble of pleasure.

It views the world with acute crescent eyes.

Its fur glides the same way it moves, so smooth and so soft it’s almost as if there’s nothing beneath it.

It carries no distinct smell, yet its presence can cause the eyes to itch, the throat to burn, the nose to run—all by mere wisps of that smooth and silent fur.

It stalks, and it has no pity for its victims.  Sharp claws and sharp little white teeth are the last things the prey feel being racked across the body.  And then it is darkness.


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