Exercise–The Action of a Sentence

I switched this up a bit, and instead of The Fiction Writer’s Workshop, this is an exercise from Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg.  This exercise first has you list ten to fifteen nouns, and–without looking at the nouns–pick a profession and make a list of verbs associated with that profession.  The idea is to help writers find original verb use, and to break through some constraints on language.  Here are the lists of my nouns and verbs, with the sentences I came up with.

As always, enjoy!

Nouns: Picture, Computer, Pen, Speaker, Boy, Drum-Set, Chair, Counter, Hawk, Pool, Rail, Wind Chime

Associated Verbs of the Profession of Sushi Chef: Roll, Cut, Pool, Mix, Cool, Wrap, Sprinkle, Sanitize, Stick, Slice

1)      When someone tapped the mouse, the darkness of the computer screen sprinkled over by the desktop.

2)      The boy had to peel himself out of the pool, so resistant was he to leave it on such a hot day.

3)      Frustrated with her drawing, the girl sliced her pen over the picture.

4)      The mixing of the wind chimes in the breeze seemed to sanitize the poison of tension for those who were stuck to its harmony.

5)      The drum set wrapped its rhythm over the music rolling out of the speaker.

6)      The silhouette of the rail cut into the background of the sky.

7)      The hawk cooled its wings riding the torrents of the air.


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