Voice in Dialog– Part 3

Here’s the newest exercise, prompted by Josip Novakovich.  The idea is to portray character through voice, which in turn helps one practice dialog.  The prompt for this is a police officer and a burglar who is pretending to live in the home he’s robbing.  As always, enjoy!


“‘Clear!’ . . . Sorry for startling you, sir, are you all right?”


“The silent alarm to your upstairs window was tripped . . . we came as soon as we could.  My partner’s checking the back now . . .”

“Silent alarm?”

“‘Roberts, I’ve got the resident right here.  Do you need back up?  Over.’”

“So, may I just ask . . . ?”

“‘Copy, Roberts, I’ll stay with the resident.’  Sorry, sir.  Did you hear anything suspicious while at home this evening?”

“At . . . ?  Uh, no, not particularly . . . maybe a stray cat or raccoon on the roof, but I’m used to that kind of thing.  Probably what tripped the alarm.”

“Probably.  Roberts is moving upstairs now, so we’ll know for sure.”

“What a nice neighborhood . . . the police respond so fast.”

“We do what we can.  You leaving town, sir?”


“The duffle-bag . . . are you packing?”

“Oh, yes.  Yes, officer.  Sorry, I’m still a little startled.  Yes, I’m leaving early tomorrow morning.”

“What’ve you got the bag down here for?”

“Uh, well . . . I store it the coat closet.  When I come home from my business trips, it’s easier to just throw my dirty clothes into the laundry room over there and toss the bag back in here.”

“Smart.  You travel a lot?”

“My job requires it.”

“What is it you do?”

“Well, I, uh, visit with a lot of, um . . .”

“Hang on.  ‘What’s that, Roberts?’”

“. . . Everything all right, officer?”

“All clear.  All right, sir, we won’t keep you . . .”

“Thank you for your time.”

“We’ll patrol the area.  Make sure there are no suspicious characters in the vicinity, so you can sleep easy.”

“You really don’t have to—”

“It’ll be our pleasure, sir.”


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