Voice in Dialog– Part 4

Here’s the installment of a dialog exercise inspired by The Fiction Writer’s Workshop, by Josip Novakovich.  The idea is to show character through dialog, as well as practice the subtle are of dialog.  The prompt for Part Four is a conversation between a mother who’s just miscarried, and her small child.

“Mommy, how come you’re crying?”

“Hm?  What was that, sweetie?”

“How come you’re crying, mommy?”

“Oh.  It . . .  it’s nothing, Helen.  Mommy just has something in her eye.”

“When’s Alyssa coming home?”

“Who’s Alyssa, baby?”

“She’s my new baby sister!  You said we were going to have a baby, and it’s gotta be a baby girl, so I named her Alyssa.”

“Well . . . sweetie . . . we actually found out—”

“How come your belly’s not big?  Morgan says babies grow inside tummies, and that’s why mommies look fat.”

“Helen, listen.  Alyssa . . . Alyssa won’t be moving in for awhile yet.”

“How come?”

“Well, you see . . . she can’t come home because . . .”

“Because why, Mommy?”

“Do . . . do you remember when we talked about how everyone has a soul, and sometimes the soul can wander off and leave the body behind?”


“Well, Alyssa accidentally . . . she accidentally lost her body.”

“Like when I lost my Beach Barbie, and I was really sad, and then we found it in the back of the car and everything was okay again?”

“Not . . . not quite like that.  See, when . . . when Alyssa lost her body, she . . . she lost it forever . . .”

“Oh no!  What gonna happen to her?”

“Well, she . . . she’s going to look for a new body.  And mommy will try her best to help Alyssa find one.  Okay?  Mommy and Daddy both.”

“Won’t Alyssa get cold without a body?”

“Not if . . . not if you give her a big . . . hug . . .”

“Mommy, why are you crying again?”



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