The Theft

For days, it had been sitting there like a forlorn lover; wrapped in black, with silken blue covering its pale flesh.  It spoke to us like a whisper, a temptress in the suppressing heat of the dining room.  Tempting us with the coolness of its existence; comparing itself to crystallized ice.

Joseph went first.  Hesitantly, he pulled open the black jacket and removed the blue underclothes.  He exposed the pale flesh, and was overcome.  It enveloped his senses.

I went next, not with the same confidence, but the same desire.  The same calling.  After succumbing to the temptation, I felt it spreading through me like an icy breeze.  I felt it clean the impurities . . . in my teeth and on my tongue.  It was so good.  It was so good.

Anyway, Mel, sorry for stealing some of your gum.  It was there, and it looked good.  Our apologies.

Hey, folks!  Sorry for the months long hiatus.  I’ll be back more consistently from here on out.



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