Bill Oberst Jr. Joins the Cast of “Night of the Babysitter!”

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I’m pleased to announce that Bill Oberst Jr. (The Retrieval, Circus of the Dead, and Criminal Minds) has agreed to play the lead role opposite rising star Dora Madison Burge (Friday Night Lights, That’s What I’m Talking About).  You can read more about it (and some other great articles) at Horror Society and Haddonfield Horror.  We also want to thank Dread Central for covering this new development, as well as Downright Creepy for featuring us in the IndieGoGo spotlight!

And, if you’re so inclined, please go to IndieGogo to contribute.


“Night of the Babysitter” at Eighteen Percent!

If you follow the blog, then you know I’m the associate producer of the upcoming feature “Night of the Babysitter,” which currently has an IndieGogo Campaign to raise the money we need to pay our crew upfront, rather than making them wait for a check.

We’ve broken 15% of our goal, and we’re fast approaching 20%.  However, the more traction we get, the more exposure IndieGogo will give our page and the more funds we can raise!

If you’re planning to donate, please do so soon, and maybe we can reach a third of our funding by the end of the week!

Thanks again!

“13 Assassins” Review

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13 Assassins Adds New Depth to the Samurai Genre

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UPDATE: The site “Basement Jockey’s” is no longer in existence.  Below is a reproduction of my original 13 Assassins review.

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Way Cooler than a Fairytale Princess

Check out my movie review of Hanna at, or just click on the link below:


UPDATE: Basement Jockey’s is no longer in existence.  Below is the reproduction of my original review of the movie Hanna.

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