Weekly Serial Update

My online serial, “Rhea Randall and the Vampire Romance,” is now being released on a weekly basis every Friday. See you at JukePop!


Rhea Randall and the Vampire Romance

Chapter One of my teen novel is up and available for viewing!  Be sure to go onto JukePop Serials, check it out, and give it a +Vote if you like what you see.  (I need votes to keep my serial up and running!)

You do have to register in order to vote, but not to worry.  The site won’t spam you with anything, and you’ll be able to check out other great serials.  So give it a go!

Next chapter will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday, so stay tuned!

The Cliche

Seeing as some of my more recent posts have all been in the humorous vein, I thought I would share an exercise from one of my former college classes.  The point of the exercise was to use cliches to humorous.  Anything could be cliche–the plot, the narrative, the prose, the utilization of overused phrases, anything.  This is what I produced in the spring of 2009.

John and Martha were considered an item.  One evening they were together in their favorite restaurant.  The fact was that John had recently uncovered that he was gay, and was trying to think of a way to let Martha know, who was still in blissful ignorance.  He also had to tell her his boss had permanently laid him off, though he was hoping the news of his playing for the other team might make that occurrence less pressing for her.

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